Aitken m j 1990 science based dating in archaeology screen updating translate

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Aitken m j 1990 science based dating in archaeology

(editors), Skeletal Biology in the Great Plains: Migration, Warfare, Health, and Subsistence, pp. In Advances in Archaeological Method and Theory Volume 10. A review is given of the science-based techniques that have been used to establish archaeological chronologies from the million-year range down to the historical period.In addition to the discussion of nuclear, atomic and chemical methods indication is given of the way in which the Earth's magnetic field and perturbations of the Earth's orbital motions are useful in this.

In this chapter, the radiocarbon evidence pertaining to the Exodus tradition is evaluated and the role of the method in future research considered.

Part 7 Electron spin resonance (ESR): radioactivity and annual dose; applications - stalagmitic calcite, travertine, tooth enamel.

Part 8 Amino acid racemization, obsidian hydration, other chemical methods.

National Museum of Man Mercury Series, Archaeological Survey of Canada, No.

Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Earth Sciences 9-252.

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(1992) Geoprospection in the archaeological landscape: papers based on contributions to a conference held in January 1989 by the Archaeological Unit, Department of Tourism and Heritage Conservation, Bournemouth Polytechnic. T (1999) ‘Reconstructing the environment and natural landscape’, in Companion encyclopedia of archaeology.