Becki newton and michael urie dating

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Becki newton and michael urie dating

Wilhelmina is worried that her maid of honor Posh Spice might steal her spotlight.

Marc and new boyfriend, Cliff, have problems of their own.

Ignacio is slated to become a citizen but Betty may not attend the ceremony because she and her Dad have fallen out over Betty's dating Henry.

I just saw the pilot episode and this show is a winner and I hope it stays on the air because of America Ferrera who is lovely and spirited as Betty.Betty is sweet, smart, and always on top of things, but of course she is not the most beautiful girl, but when they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder they were not kidding.Squaring off against Daniel Meade is the conniving Wilhemina (Vanessa Williams...Miss Ferrera, I am surprised to discover, is, in the flesh, not at all like Betty Suarez, the frumpy star of the hit series shown in more than 70 countries, and which returns to Channel 4 for a third series next week.Instead, I am confronted by a stunning young woman with perfect teeth and soulful eyes beneath exquisitely sculpted eyebrows.

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During its first three seasons, it aired on Thursday nights, where it was mostly successful.

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