Gay dating reno

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Gay dating reno

Tiny spotlights hang warehouse-style from thin metal cords over the long bar, where the video poker screens have been replaced with shiny copper panels.

This wonder of nature has blue skies, sage sprinkled dunes and purple mountain majesty; a landscape lit as if from within, with colors that change dramatically as light shifts by the hour.But, of course, the most dramatic change you’ll notice when you cross the threshold is the women. Except for one talkative old guy at the bar, all of the patrons at the Blue Cactus on one recent night were women.And, as the night wore on, more women arrived in pairs and small groups until the place was fairly jumping.The pages of Reno’s two gay print publications, Reno Informer and Reno Tahoe Outlands, are packed with pictures of gay men. According to Jeannie and Kim, two “30-something” lesbians who asked that their last names not be used (and they’re just friends, by the way), the lesbian community is all around you—it’s just a little harder to find. At the age of 46, he has been a very successful actor, comedian and a voice artist, who has given his outstanding voice to various video games.

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In summer, Lake Tahoe, the Truckee River, and Pyramid Lake provide visitors and locals with fishing, and water sports.