Other age dating sim cheats dating ghana women photos

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Other age dating sim cheats

This seem's like a really complicated cheat but trust me, it isn't.

The objective of the game is to help the main character Mina to find either love or fame in 60 days.

So I got this crime scene case thing and I had to clear the guy's name which should have been easy since he had an alibi, but then I hit a point where I couldn't do anything except declare someone guilty but it only gave me the choice of either the guy who was obviously innocent or some scientist who wasn't really connected to the murder other than their experimental love potion being in the general vicinity.

The issue is that I can not investigate anything any further even though all the suspects I believe have been mostly cleared are the ONLY ONES I CAN BLAME!

Click on it and click 'Tombstone L and D', you will see a tombstone appear and then with the same sim click the tombstone [without shift!

] and keep clicking 'More...' until you find the button that says 'Make me Alien Pregnant'.

Activate some of these cheat codes and you'll be able to do everything from scoring bonus cash to locking up the mail delivery dude. Then a burglar came and stole their computer three times.

Make sure to catch the smallest fish (The Gold Fish).

Fish: Starting from Neody, go east, east, east, then north.

anything you say wont make you lose with this idiot. it is just the princess' father testing you so yeah... For Neody in order to make the fire you have to get the fire crystal or whatever and that is under a leaf or something. hope i sort of helped:)ce, cry, laugh, moonslide, backward moonslide, moonwalk, and kiss.

You have to look around for a glowing spot and click on it. Yumbrad prefers an overactive, hyper girl as opposed to a shy girl. if you want to play it safe, choose cheese pizza, bubble juice, golden steak, yogurt salad.

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Probably are more things if I had changed my preferences and locations but my particular run through was irritating and poorly planned out.

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