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Asked who invented the Vermont Shuffle, Vincent shrugs. Kids taught each other." Tradition means something at Skateland Vermont, a brand-new roller rink — it opened on December 26 — with an old-school ethos.

Many of the experienced skaters who whip around the 80-by-180-foot cement floor on quads — four-wheeled skates — are middle-aged parents and professionals.

He's teaching the steps to his teenage daughter, Savannah Billado-Vincent, who has accompanied him to Skateland Vermont this Thursday evening.

On weekends, Vincent says, the line of shufflers can swell to 30 or 40 — many of them friends from way back.

They have vivid memories of skating, dating and recreating on roller rinks during their 1980s heyday, and now they're eager to share the experience with their kids.

Being an Aussie we don’t often get the opportunity to ice skate but since I have been living in the Northern Hemisphere I’ve had the chance to go three times and whilst I am never going to represent my country in the Olympics for ice skating, I do love it!

Its coming up to Christmas a time that Paul and I remember so fondly, you both shared your Christmas with two Brits and opened your arms with your love and affection and welcomed us to your beautiful home.

We still have the picture of you both in front of that Christmas tree sitting on our piano,the girls although they have never met you, know exactly who you are and talk of you with such affection.

The room was probably 60-70% women, by the way - which goes along with her main idea that this is a gender issue, and that men and women need to work together on solving it. She attended Defcon, a major Hacker convention in Las Vegas.

"Every time I was introduced, I was asked whose girlfriend are you?

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As well as being a popular tourist attraction, it is used by many locals to skate to work and is also the focus of the Winterlude festival in Ottawa where delicious food and drinks are sold in little shops along the canal! It is surely a tradition that I would love to try one year! Red Square, Moscow The largest ice skating rink in Russia is located in Moscow's Red Square.

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