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Along his journey towards dating greatness, Joshua was able to rack up a lot of accomplishments and credentials.Among those that are important to this product (and you should be particularly interested in) include being trained by Wyatt Woodsmall (NLP expert and Anthony Robbins’ mentor; yes, THE Anthony “Tony” Robbins), a Maxim Radio host of a show that helps men succeed with women, and serving as an advisor for the Axe Bodyspray advisory board, among other things.Sure, you're getting some top notch information, but is it worth it?Can you really use the insider secrets that you are being given? It hits home on topics that I think every guy can relate to.Be a badass and change your love bodyweight exercises done most anywhere.Now, there are tons of books and guides out there that claim to be dating guides tao of badass members but into practice.

He’s a “living proof” dating coach who wasn’t born a “natural with the ladies” but worked his way into being one of the most effective dating coaches in the industry.

What could you really learn that was new and worth laying down your for?

While it is true that there are some very good courses out there that are finely tuned to the art of picking up women, the truth is that a lot of it is the same, rehashed stuff that you have heard before over the years – perhaps just packaged differently.

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical when I started my review the Tao of Badass.

After all, what could Joshua Pellicer say that hasn't already been said by some of the most famous pickup artists over the past 30 years?

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