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In which case, if we were to have a forum where like minded individuals can get together and meet up with the intention of an online "date" being that of killing mobs and or pvping together, maybe the divorce rates will drop - who knows?

Your significant other is out there somewhere ;) Wouldn't you like to kill Illidan hand in hand?

I am seeking someone non-psychotic, honest, with ambitions and dreams in their life.

One who can accept me, faults included, as I would theirs.

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It's a nice idea, but relationships - at least from what I've seen, heard, and experienced - last longer and go smoother if it just happens, rather than if you specifically look for someone to fill the void in your heart.

It is great to have a spot to get to know people, but at the same time, many may get their hopes up about if that person is 'the one' and end up disappointed.

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