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-Rakath ********** One of the most memorable moments of Degrassi season 13, and not in a good way, was the death of Adam Torres.

I don’t remember getting into an in-depth discussion about the technical reasons for his death, but Rakath’s recent comments sum up my thoughts on the matter.

Well, for one thing, Derek still seems uncomfortable with Casey dating his best friend, Sam. She's not totally on board with Derek's decision to ask out her best friend, Emily.

When thinking about season 13, my feelings on the season can be briefly summarized by rating each individual block. ********** Something I forgot, and probably had a very heavy hand in S13’s really lackluster start.

As the second season of this hit Disney Channel series unfolds, newly minted stepsiblings Derek Venturi (Michael Seater) and Casey Mac Donald (Ashley Leggat) have been living together for about a year.

So why aren't they finding cohabitation any easier?

Imogen dated Eli again but the two broke up over his jealousy and manic/violent episodes.He goes in search with her, eventually finding her after she hooks up with a random stranger, he agrees to let her stay for a few days but resists any attempts to bond.She is soon taken by mysterious gangsters and despite not really being interested in fatherly responsibilities, Jack goes in search of her. Well the good news is that it definitely wasn’t like my idea in many ways, so if I did choose to go with it then I could still do my film and not be accused of plagiarism (as far as I’m aware), and in that sense I was relieved and could just sit back and enjoy (or at least try to enjoy).After that they had to spend a lot of time killing Adam, and a lot of time reworking various plots to work around losing Adam.I figure that the Adam/Imogen/Becky plot might not have even been a thing before Adam had to be written out.

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When Adam died, to say the online fanbase was pissed would be a major understatement.

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