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Posted by / 30-Sep-2016 10:35

My name is Steven Robbins, and this is my allegedly technical blog.

These days I generally work in C# and SQL, but in the past I’ve developed in everything from Assembly Language (68000 and x86) through to VB. I’ve also done my time in the support/engineering side of IT, so I’m pretty much a geek through and through 🙂 I’m a firm believer that reading and “best practices” are no substitute for using your brain!

I'm having difficulties with databinding on my custom user control (s).

I created an example project to highlight my problem.

Also while debugging, I verified that the dependency property ( Cell Value ) is updated inside the user control, but it dosen't update the Text property of Tex Box.

I created a simple view that uses databinding two ways. I see now that I was assigning a value to Minutes Remaining in my change callback, which breaks the original binding.I really appreciated the Refresh method in Win Forms (which executes both Invalidate & Update), so I'm renaming my method to be Refresh as well.The code snippet below also show some C# specific techniques, namely: anonymous delegates and extension methods.So although I was firing an event that looked like INotify Property Changed.Property Changed, I was actually just firing my own event with the same name 🙂 So there you have it, I’m an idiot 🙂 The moral of the story is, when your bindings aren’t working check the obvious: Hello there!

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Well, if you used Content Presenters in your User Control, you would see this, instead: You would also see strange binding errors in the console System. Data Error: 40 : Binding Expression path error: 'Content Two Template' property not found on 'object' ''String' (Hash Code=-1506748533)'.